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There is no easy path to success in life, particularly to a group of people who have gone through unfortunate life time circumstances such as Slavery and Colonialization. However, where there is the will there is a way. We must learn to arise above all odds, take a chance and make our lives better. My solutions are focused on healing the traumas of our past to enhance a healthy, wealthy and abundance of self -sufficient and happiness in your lives.

Dr Tatah

Host & Founder

Living a Life of Fulfilment and Abundance

Simple things seems to be the hardest to achieve, due to past traumas and hardship..you can still live a fulfilling life 

Skills Assesment Education

So much talent, creativity and work on the continent,you need to know your skills, talents and more to overcome the huddles

Educational Full episodes

Who Speaks for AFRICA, creating a new narrative for the Africa we want

Public Speaking Services

We train and coach you to become the greatest Pan-African Public Speaker 

Cameroun Tours and Travels

Exploring the huge rich content of Africa’s indigenous cultures, its tools and economic impact

Event planner, MCEE & Consultant

If you are planning an event of all types -Conference, Book Launch, weddings, festivals, we help orientate your event and audience

Advertize with us

Request advertizement package and benefits, we offer a wide range of possibilities and opportunities

Travel & Repatriation Services

We advice and consult on travel needs to Africa and from Africa to the Diaspora

Exclusive Interviews and Podcast 

Showcasing key players and developmental icons for the sectors of our operations

Cameroun Travels & Tour 

For our sibblings in the Diaspora who have never been to Africa, we can help organize your trip to Cameroun

We stream your event live

We stream your events live on Pan-AfricanDaily TV to reach a global audience

Dr Susan Tatah,  Your Brand Ambassador

Contract Dr Susan Tatah for your 100% African brands, products and services

Contact and Information Services

We offer solutions to all Pan-African questions, provide contacts, information, research on your country of preference and Due-deligence and much more.  If you didn’t find your interest kindly ask according to your needs. We shall ready to help.

PADTV Dr Tatah Social Media Network Services

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Pan-African Daily TV with Dr Tatah seeks to Empower Pan-African Voices at home and abroad, sharing joy and perspectives with the world.

Since 2020 when I created the Pan-AfricanDaily TV and hosted more than thousand guest – PanAfrican Voices both youth and elders. I have come to realized that Africans have crafted solutions which works for their daily lives. While they may admire and desire the Western world model of development, most African believe that Africa had already been great and had high standards prior to the arrival enslavers and colonizers.

Awareness education on decolonization processes, Healing the past and the essence in African Spirituality is what I focus on. Upholding Africa’s indigenous cultural values while dealing with the present is of essence to healing.



Referred to as the ” OPRAH OF AFRICA” hosted and interviewed Africa’s greatest world class scholars, speakers and mentors


More than 1000 Exclusive conversations and teachings from world renounce scholars, reseachers and mentors..


Interviews with African Advisors, Opinionist and promoters of good Leadership, Agenda 2063 and Building Partnerships


Vidoes, Interviews and Exclusive stories on leadership and the Africa we want by Africans


Engaging youth in conversations regarding Leadership, Job creation, Science, Culture, Economics, Technology and Spirituality 


Recognizing the great works of women of Africa, their enormous contributions, challenges and solutions




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